Webinar Recap: Boosting Retention and Productivity with Creative Rewards and Recognition

PIP Connect’s latest educational session explores fresh ways to keep employees engaged

More than ever, retention is a top priority for company executives. The Great Resignation and the resulting Great Reshuffle have disrupted tenured teams and forced businesses to rethink every part of the employment cycle, from recruitment to performance assessments. One of the keys to retaining top talent in this new corporate landscape is recognition, but not just any recognition. In our latest PIP Connect webinar, “Recognize & Reward”, we explore creative ways to celebrate employees with special guests Melissa Van Dyke, Senior VP of Customer Experience & Insights for Creative Group, and Billie Reise, VP of Administration for Incentive Concepts, PIP Connect’s exclusive gifting partner.

Rewards are driven by culture, strategy, and purpose

After sharing some additional context around the Great Resignation, Melissa spoke to how critically effective recognition affects both individual and organizational performance. She highlighted how the top-performing companies across industries are those that maintain a culture of rewards and recognition.

Some of the most popular ways that leaders keep this culture alive are day-to-day opportunities for peer-to-peer recognition, top-down manager recognition, and special recognition for top performers. Melissa also praised the Four-Drive Theory of Employee Motivation developed by Harvard Business School professors Paul Lawrence and Nitin Nohria. This model stresses that recognition must satisfy four drives – employees’ needs to achieve and acquire, bond and belong, challenge and comprehend, and define and defend. Meeting these needs means leaders must gift with intention and incorporate creativity while doing so.

However, those rewards must be part of the greater culture. One challenge to cohesive culture has been hybrid work, which coincided with the Great Resignation and Reshuffle. Melissa explored how leaders could ensure remote workers felt connected to company culture. Most important for organizations is understanding, defining, and living out their values. That connective thread creates the foundation upon which leaders can build with rewards.

Employee gifts must be intentional and personalized

Beyond the underlying principles and strategies, Melissa took some time to dive into fun rewards that resonate with teams. Among them, she highlighted gifts that merge an element of surprise with personal details, such as gifting the office coffee lover with a special blend named after them. She also detailed gifting lounges – curated experiences built around employee personas and interests that also tie back to bigger organizational values. The options are endless, but personalization is a must.

The power of name-brand merchandise

In the second half of the webinar, Billie stepped in to go deep on gifting specifics. She first provided a high-level overview of Incentive Concepts’ values, focuses, and commitment to stellar customer service. Then she shared a bit about the workplace challenges that rewards and recognition can help address, including the loneliness and isolation of remote work.

Effectively solving those organizational culture issues can positively impact the business through greater productivity, stronger employee commitment to the company, and increased employee engagement. Billie detailed how Incentive Concepts tackles engagement internally, including communication style and frequency, signage, and fun initiatives like birthday luncheons, a new hire buddy system, and an incentive store.

Billie closed out her presentation with a discussion about branded merchandise, name-brand gifts, and the potency and excitement these premium gifts provide. She shared that Incentive Concepts is fully equipped to walk leaders through its catalog of incentives and get their recognition plans up and running.

Watch the full webinar for all of Melissa and Billie’s incredible insights, and be sure to RSVP for our next solutions-based PIP Connect webinar, “The Power of Motivation: How merchandise rewards can improve performance”, taking place on August 31. For more one-on-one assistance, book a personal consultation with an Incentive Concepts gift advisor today.

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