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Using Name-Brand Merchandise in Employee Incentive Programs

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Download PIP Connect’s latest case study to reenergize your recognition strategy with

name-brand rewards

Every employer stands to benefit from building a culture of recognition. Thoughtful corporate gifts boost morale, drive productivity, and ensure team members feel appreciated at all levels. However, an effective incentive program is focused not just on the act of giving but also the experience of the recipient. In our new whitepaper, “Using Name-Brand Merchandise in Employee Incentive Programs”, learn about the value of utilizing rewards from globally recognized brands to create lasting impact.

In short, what you decide to give your employees is just as important as how you give it. This resource is designed to help you navigate the redesign of your current incentive program and make changes that deliver results for the long term.

In the whitepaper, you’ll discover the business case for adding name-brand products to your recognition plan, including recipients’ emotional connections to well-known brands, the many ways name-brand gifts can improve each recipient’s experience, and effective strategies for choosing the right gifts.

Additionally, you’ll learn about the importance of forming beneficial strategic partnerships with brands and incentive industry suppliers.

Through a mix of insightful statistics, studies, and gifting examples, this exclusive PIP Connect whitepaper offers a compelling look at the power of name-brand rewards.

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