The Power of Thank You: Showing Appreciation to Employees, Clients and Partners

Form a Culture of Employee Recognition Around Thanksgiving

The annual Thanksgiving celebration serves as a reminder to show appreciation and give thanks for good health, family, and friends. Just as significant, it also marks the time of year when it’s important to thank the people who play a role in the success of your business: clients, business partners, and the employees who keep your company vibrant.

According to a recent study, an employee who has been recognized is 63% more likely to stay at his or her job within the next three to six months. With the expense to onboard a new hire exceeding $4,100, the cost-saving measures realized by building a culture of recognition can not be ignored. Forming a culture of employee recognition during the Thanksgiving holiday can boost productivity and can have a positive effect on achieving year-end goals.

Demonstrating thanks isn’t difficult. With a little creativity and a strategic approach, appreciating your staff can be enjoyable and can result in an atmosphere of motivation and recognition.

Personalized Gifts for Meaningful Appreciation

Appreciating your team with a personalized gift shows you care. Employers often take a “one size fits all” approach to recognition, ignoring each employee’s preferences and individual tastes. High-quality, name-brand gifts that are recognizable to the recipient can provide the biggest impact. One employee may prefer electronics or audio gifts, another may enjoy a pair of sunglasses, and a third may consider a fashionable handbag as the most meaningful appreciation gift. The more individualized your approach is, the more impactful your employee gifts will be.

Top Performers Deserve Special Rewards

While it’s important to demonstrate appreciation for everyone’s contributions, there are always special team members who go the extra mile. Your top performers deserve special rewards because their work is crucial for your company’s success, and their recognition gifts should match their results. One way to recognize top performers is to plan an exclusive, invitation-only event around a cocktail reception, banquet, or other special occasion. An event gifting experience takes gifting to the next level and shows those top-tier employees that their work is truly appreciated. It can also encourage other team members to increase their productivity and performance in the future.

Holiday Gifts Create a Culture of Thanks

Appreciation should be happening throughout the year; however, Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holidays and a time to initiate recognition efforts that can extend throughout the coming year. Maybe you choose to organize a potluck luncheon for the entire staff with a holiday theme. Perhaps you develop a “12 days of Christmas” program involving small gifts or gestures leading up to winter break. Whatever you decide, recognizing your employees and customers with holiday gifts can help establish a culture of thanks that can extend past the holidays and into the new year.

PIP Connect recently hosted an informational webinar called “The Importance of Holiday Gifting.” Available for on-demand viewing in two segments, the second part of the webinar provided powerful statistics about the impact of holiday gifts in addition to an overview of gifting categories that make for ideal rewards.

At the end of the day, giving thanks can yield results all year long. It also inspires productivity and performance and can inspire warmth and teamwork during Thanksgiving and the busy holiday season. As you continue to develop a culture of thanks, explore our Products in Profile columns and other solutions-based articles to help you create an atmosphere of appreciation and motivation.

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