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How to Ensure an Impactful Employee Appreciation Day

Thoughtful, personalized gifts offer a powerful way to recognize a job well done

Employee rewards and recognition have always been a crucial part of maintaining an inspiring workplace culture. Employee praise has been linked to greater productivity, higher retention rates, and a more positive work environment. In fact, 71% of the most highly engaged organizations regularly recognize their employees for a job well done.

And given the unique challenges and uncertainty of the last two years, recognition efforts have taken on even more urgency and importance. However, Employee Appreciation Day – taking place on March 4 – offers all companies an additional opportunity to celebrate employees in an impactful way that produces benefits for months to come. What’s right for your organization will vary based on your existing practices, your headcount, and your available budget. However, there are some general guidelines that can ensure you maximize Employee Appreciation Day for its full value.

Adapt recognition for all employees

This may sound simple enough, but it’s important to remember that, as the workplace continues to evolve, it’s rare that the entire team will be present at the same location at the same time. Some employees are working fully remote, some are in the office, and others are working a hybrid of the two. Thus, whatever recognition method you choose, it should be something that’s easy to distribute to everyone. If you order lunch for in-office employees, how does that translate to remote workers? Maybe you could send out snack kits or access to cooking lessons? The core objective is to ensure everyone feels included.

Personalize gifts for the team

Employees are generally receptive to any gifts they receive, because the investment shows that the company values recognition. However, when those gifts are more personalized, they can resonate in unexpected ways. Recent reports have shown that corporate gifting is actually a lot like personal gifting, in that it should be well-considered and individualized. So, instead of general gift cards or a pizza day, think about incentives that your team can put to good use. For example, given the outsized focus on health and wellness at the start of the year, you could offer them fitness-themed gifts like Bose Sport Earbuds to soundtrack their workouts, the Hypervolt 2 Pro to aid post-workout recovery, or the Body-Solid Kettlebell Singles Set to upgrade their home gym.

Connect appreciation to a larger strategy

Your efforts on Employee Appreciation Day will be most effective as part of a greater engagement strategy. If you’ve already built a culture around rewards and recognition, how do the gifts you’ve selected factor into that plan? Perhaps each gift comes with a personal message from an executive to foster more connection between all levels of the company? And if you haven’t, Employee Appreciation Day could help you establish good habits. In conjunction with premium gifts, this could be the perfect time to start ongoing initiatives like a peer-to-peer recognition program or performance-driven contests.

Ultimately, Employee Appreciation Day offers you a chance to honor your team and make them feel seen. But it also serves as either an extension of a yearlong program or a launchpad for a culture shift.

Book a personal consultation with an Incentive Concepts gift advisor to discuss your needs, solidify your strategy, and make this Employee Appreciation Day one to remember.

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